What’s the real price tag for change?

bio-pic-joshua-finleyPastor Joshua Finley is the Lead Pastor at Elim Gospel Church in Lima, NY. – a thriving church of about 800 located in the middle of (almost) nowhere.  I had the great privilege of serving with him at the church for several years before making my move to Elim Fellowship in 2011. Josh is an outstanding communicator & leader, and certainly understands a thing or two about change!

“When you are through changing you are through!” –Bruce Barton

Preparing for a vision talk on change with my church family I came across some really helpful reminders and insights on change I picked up from Tony Morgan at tonymorganlive.com:
  • changeIt’s a lot easier to embrace change when you’re the one initiating it.
  • Change without vision is chaos.
  • Change is a lot easier to understand when it’s shared through stories.
  • Many times the successful changes also produce the most criticism.
  • It’s almost impossible to change a change that previously worked.
  • Test-driving or experimenting with a change is a lot easier than fully committing to the unknown.
  • Change is more likely to take hold when it’s followed by an immediate win.
  • When you think you’ve communicated enough about change, you need to communicate more
  • Slow change is rarely positive change.
  • Organizations that don’t change die.
  • If everyone recognizes the need for change, you’re obviously not the leader.

Change is a healthy necessity in every area of our lives. Marriages, friendships, businesses, churches, governments, even TV sitcoms, all require a steady diet of change in order to remain or become healthy.

Though few people would disagree with that statement, ALL of us resist change on some level. There is a reason for this. Meaningful change comes with a very real price tag.

How much does change cost?
  • There is no growth without change.
  • There is no change without loss.
  • There is no loss without grief.
  • There is no grief without pain.
  • Change always involves some kind of pain.

“The place between where you are and where you want to be is a painful decision you are either willing or unwilling to endure.” –Samuel Chand

“There is no such thing as a great victory at bargain prices.” –Gen. Eisenhower

“Not all hurt is harmful. Much of it is beneficial and necessary.” –Dr. Henry Cloud

My prayer is that you and I will make the painful choices necessary to lead wisely and courageously into the future God has planned for each of us.

Questions to Consider.
  • Where are you currently needing and leading change?
  • What painful decision have you put off in the past 30 days that keeps looping around to face you again

Image from Irochka_T on istockphoto.com.

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