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Three Key Qualities for a New Pastoral Staff by Rob Hurtgen
In my church we are looking for a new member of our pastoral staff. The most difficult part of this task hasn’t been reading through the mounds of resumes or trying to get a feel for candidates during interviews. The hardest part of this task was deciding where to start.  Read More.

10 Commandments for Creating a Culture of Mission In Your Church by Will Mancini
1. Thou shalt have a clear statement of mission and no agenda above that mission. 2. Thou shalt have a clear definition of what mission success looks like. Read More.

6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Comforting a Mourner by Larry Barber
I thought my days of having to listen to and tolerate the painful words of would-be comforters had ended, but I was wrong. Even as I approach almost 20 years after the deaths of my wife and two-year-old daughter in a multicar accident I still hear and endure upsetting statements from people who do not think before they speak.  Read More.

Four Ways To Become A Leader People Want to Follow by Michael Hyatt 
We’ve all had bosses we were proud to follow. People we’d do anything for. Even run through brick walls.  On the other hand, most of us have also had bosses we follow only because, well, they’re the boss. So what separates the leaders we want to follow from the leaders we have to follow?  Read More.

5 Steps to Discern a Change In Ministry Assignment by Ron Edmondson
How do you know when God is closing one door in ministry and opening another?  I get this question a lot and have previously addressed that, but recently I have received it more frequently so I decided to update this post. (I always note that this post is written about my experiences for people who may currently need it.)  Read More. 

Don’t Leave Out These Essential Elements Of A Vision Cast by Mac Lake
Getting an opportunity to cast a God-given vision is a weighty privilege. Having spent time with God, you’ve heard the heart of God and are called to lead toward a preferred future for your church, organization or community.  Before you even speak your first word your audience’s mind is like a canvas. The words you speak can paint a picture of a new reality, move people to action, enthuse commitment and even drive them to make personal sacrifice for the cause.  Read More.

10 Things I’ve Learned About Church Drama by Ron Edmondson
I love the local church. I really do. I believe it is God’s design and His plan to reach the world with the Gospel…with life and hope.  But, I hate church drama.  I really do. I hate destructive drama in any setting, but especially in the church. It shouldn’t exist. It especially shouldn’t exist in the church. We have to violate a lot of principles of God’s plan for the church and for believers for it to exist at all, but, even still, it does.  Read More.

The Importance of a Leader’s Heart by Michael Hyatt 
We live in a very externally-focused culture. However, there is an internal issue which is largely ignored: the condition of your heart.  The corporate world is increasingly aware of the fact that you can’t improve productivity without increasing engagement. In other words, people have to show up at work with more than their education, experience, and skills. They have to come with their heart.  Check it Out.

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