Should Your Church Have A Blog?

A few weeks ago I posted several articles about the benefits of creating a blog for your church or specific ministries within your church. As an avid blogger I’ve determined that this tool has a TON of potential to increase communication, build momentum, and align ministries with vision.

That said, it may not be for everyone. I ran across a post by Eric Dye over on the other day that I think makes a great addition to what I’ve already written. So I’ve included links to my posts below, as well as a link to Eric’s post on his blog. Enjoy!

  • Tumblr vs Blogger
    My friend, Josh Cummings, challenges my belief in Blogger by recommending Tumblr instead.

In 2011, 300 million websites were added to the Internet. The volume of digital data floating in the sea of the Internet is creating a tsunami of information that is completely overwhelming. The World Wide Web has seeped its way into our lives and taken root like no other piece of technology ever has before. We find it at home, work and play. It’s on our computers, tablets and smartphones.

It. Is. Everywhere. So, should a church even bother adding to all of this noise with a blog of their own? Heck, yeah! Read More Here!

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