Running Great Meetings Summary

I love the title of Patrick Lencioni’s book, “Death by Meeting“. It can be so true . . . sometimes it feels like a slow death that somehow turns minutes into hours. In the mid 2000’s I was asked by my boss to begin leading our weekly staff meetings. Although I was honored, I was also quite intimidated. Up until that point I just had to show up and participate. Now I was in charge. I have vivid memories of the insecurity I felt after each session as I tried evaluating how it went.

Fast forward to today, hundreds of meetings later. I am still mildly intimidated, but not nearly as insecure. I don’t always hit the home run, and I suspect some of the meetings I lead can seem boring to the participants, especially Tactical meetings. That said, I think I’ve learned a lot as well.

In an effort to help all the pastors and church leaders out there that still struggle in this area, I have put together a series of posts that may prove beneficial. Enjoy!

On Leading Meetings:

  • The Meeting Professional
    A link to a great article by Seth Godin asking the question, “What would our meetings be like if we hired a meeting fairie?”

On Trust & Teamwork:
  • Creating A Trust Culture
    An exhortation from Matthew 5 and a link to Andy Stanley’s podcast entitled ‘Trust vs Suspicion’.
  • The Tunnel of Chaos
    A discussion about a very important principle that is the key to developing and maintaining trust among team members.
  • Teamwork and Trust
    I just had to find a way to fit this video clip into my blog. It overwhelmed me. These young men express a visual illustration of what unity and teamwork can look like (obviously, not literally).

On Kinds of People and Kinds of Meetings:
  • Strategy Kickstart: Team Meetings
    This is a short video clip encouraging your team to discuss the idea of splitting strategic discussions from tactical discussions.
  • The Seats of the Bus
    In this article I break down the three different ‘kinds’ of teams you should have. 
  • The Four C’s
    A detailed explanation of the ‘Four C’s’ every leader should consider when hiring or looking for new leaders to join a team.
  • The Strategic Personality
    This article explains the most ideal temperament/personality of a big picture, back seat of the bus leader.

Exploring Team Dilemma’s
  • The Sacred Cow
    What is a sacred cow and what does it look like in the context of the local church?
  • The Smelly Cow
    A dangerous idea on how you might discover where your sacred cows are hiding.
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