Practice Out Loud

Whenever I have to speak to a group of people I try real hard to rehearse out loud when I’m by myself. I’ve never regretted doing it and have often regretted NOT doing it. If I’m the emcee and will be giving announcements, I practice out loud. If I’m going to be sharing communion on Sunday, I practice what I will say out loud first.

I know way too many people who don’t do this and a couple who refuse to do it. I’m not sure what the issue is. The point is to refine and clarify your message in such a way that people will hear and understand. Some of the best communicators of our time have been known to rehearse their message out loud. As an example, I’ve heard both Bill Hybels and Andy Stanley confess to this practice.

Not convinced? Check out this article by Michael Hyatt called “How to Improve Your Public Speaking by Practicing Out Loud.” He gives some great practical tips on preparing your message for the greatest possible impact during delivery.

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