Get Things Done With A Responsibility Summary

If you’ve never seen the 1969 Ed Sullivan episode of Erich Brenn doing his plate spinning act, today’s your lucky day. Click the imageĀ aboveĀ and enjoy!

Plate spinning is great for a comedy act. It’s not so great in the office. Unfortunately, for many of us, we feel like we have too many plates and we can’t seem to get them moving or, worse yet, we have them spinning and they are all crashing to the ground while we try to keep others going. It doesn’t seem to matter what we do, we can’t keep up!

I’d like to propose a strategy that can help you succeed in managing your projects and time. It’s not a magic button, but I believe that it can be a huge help to you. I’ve talked about The Responsibility Summary before in a previous post as well. Enjoy.

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