Excellence Inspires People

team-hoytPeople really inspire me. In particular, I’m inspired by people’s dedication, commitment, attention to detail, tenacity and passion to succeed. A quality that all of these people share is excellence. I believe excellence inspires people.

I’ve already shared several posts on the topic of excellence, you’re welcome to find them at the bottom of this post. In this post, I just want to make one final point. When we choose to give all we’ve got to accomplish our goals (that is, our own resources, efforts and energies) we will very likely be an inspiration to those around us, to excel, to live well, and to do more than they thought they could.

Let me share some examples of how I’ve been inspired by people:

  • I’m inspired when I see a great movie. 
    I’m not talking about movies with inspiring plots – don’t get me wrong, those are cool. What I’m inspired by is the dedication it takes for people to accomplish the making of those inspiring, funny or just plain fun movies. If you’ve ever watched how some of the scenes were made in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, you’ll be dumbfounded behind the effort, expense and attention to detail the team put in to create such realistic scenes. When you have a free hour to chill and be amazed, watch this documentary on how they designed ‘Middle Earth’ – one small part of the whole movie effort.

    Can’t see this video? Try clicking this link.
  • I’m inspired when I hear great music.
    My coworkers know about this. I tend to listen to a lot of movie & game theme music. If you want a totally different listening experience, try creating a Hans Zimmer radio station in Pandora. I’m also amazed when I see someone play an instrument like it’s part of their body. The thousands of hours of practice time these people put in to become ‘the best’ is truly incredible. Consider this video of Luka Sulic & Stejepan Hauser (2Cellos) playing ‘Welcome to the Jungle’.

    Can’t see this video? Try clicking this link.
  • I’m inspired when I see people rise above the status quo.
    I want to live my life with excellence. I suspect you do too. But sometimes we can get stuck in a mindset that says we can’t do it. We’ll blame our circumstances or our past or our lack of resources. But when we see people rise up, despite incredible odds, there’s something that wants to rise up inside us as well. Consider this inspiring story of a blind teenager who wouldn’t let his blindness dictate what he could or could not do.

    BRAVE from EYEFORCE on Vimeo.
  • I’m inspired when people care enough to sacrifice for others.
    It goes without saying that Jesus Christ was our example when it comes to loving others. He has set the tone for what it really means to be a Christ-follower. It’s about caring for others, even when it means giving up something for ourselves. Check out this inspiring story of a father who helped his handicapped son live a dream.

    Can’t see this video? Try clicking this link.

I could go on, but I think you get the point. Let’s be an inspiration to those God has placed around us. 

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