I offer professional coaching services to individuals and leadership teams. My areas of expertise include strategic planning, church growth, customer service, leadership, organizational management and productivity.

I have provided coaching to Senior Pastors, Executive Ministry Leaders, Associate Pastors/Leaders, Administrative Support Personnel, New Hires, Interns and College Students. Check out what others are saying about me here!

middle-leaderLeadership Coaching

Leading others is a skill that we must keep honed and sharp, or the organization and team you lead will suffer. Whether you are a seasoned leader or just getting started, I’m confident leadership coaching will help you and your team take your leadership to the next level. Every coaching experience will be unique but may include leadership topics like: communication, confrontation, change management, emotional IQ, team building, motivating others, running meetings, hiring, firing and more.

compass2Strategic Planning Coaching

A growing organization is one that has developed a strategic culture, where people have been empowered to ask questions like: “Why do we do that?”, “How are we doing?” and “Is there a better way?”. They have learned how to tackle roadblocks by creating strategies to remove barriers or go around them. Strategic planning coaching will help you and your team develop that culture.

church2Church Growth Coaching

I believe the local church has the potential to have a powerful, life-changing impact on the people within their individual communities. Unfortunately, many churches have a hard time attracting and keeping new people, among other things. I have accumulated more than 20+ years helping churches identify and hurdle these barriers for growth. Church growth coaching will help your church succeed in fulfilling it’s mission.

clocks2Productivity Coaching

There is often a huge gap between the expectations we hold for ourselves and others and our results. Many times, this gap is because we fail to take into account that productivity is a learned skill. Productivity coaching will strengthen these skills allowing you to be more efficient and get more accomplished in the long run. Every coaching experience will be unique but may include topics like: calendaring, task management, file management, email management, dealing with distractions,

management2Management Coaching

It can be very difficult to manage people, tasks and projects in a fast paced environment. Management coaching is designed to help you and your team learn the skills necessary to manage both tasks and people. Every coaching experience will be unique but may include management topics like time management, project management, employee reviews, team building, communication, empowering others, goal-setting, recruitment and more.



If you’re ready to begin a conversation about coaching, please click ‘Get Started’ and let me know what you’d like us to discuss. This will give me enough information to contact you and ask you further questions to help us determine how I might serve you and/or your organization best. Or, just shoot me an email at contactme@waynehedlund.org!