Christmas Resources for Your Church

Christmas is coming! If you are in church leadership, hopefully you have already begun preparations for your Christmas weekend services.Whether you are hosting a Christmas Series, a Christmas Eve service or simply want to add some resources to your church website or blog – I suspect one or more of the below links and video’s may be just what you were looking for. Enjoy! (by the way, if you know of any you think should be added to the list, let me know!) 

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Great Christmas Music Videos

Planning Christmas

Free Christmas Sermon Series/Graphics/Clips

These graphics are available for download for free. Some of them also include background video’s and extra resources.

Christmas Graphics/Clips for Sale

These graphics are available for a small fee. 

Random Christmas Websites

The following websites may offer interesting or helpful resources to you and/or your congregation. 

Christmas Crafts for Kids Ministry

Looking for some creative ideas for Sunday School classes? Try these sites.

Last Minute Christmas Links

I came across some more great links, resources and articles for churches & pastors I’d like to share with you. Perhaps you will find one or more of them helpful as you prepare for upcoming Christmas services & events and as you navigate that tension between ministry and family during this holiday season. Enjoy the Christmas Links!

60+Christmas Ideas by Canva
From elegant cards to simple invites, eye-catching flyers and posters, humorous and festive messages, you will definitely find the design that you’re looking for. Spread the good cheer and holiday spirit with a stunning template from our special selection! Read More.

The One Group You Might Forget This Christmas by Focus on the Family
The holiday season is upon us. As a pastor you have planned Christmas Eve services, prepared end-of-year reports, and been to more Christmas parties than you care to remember. With all of the activity involved in getting your church ready for Christmas, it can be easy to forget one group – your family. Read More.

Take the Nice Is Naughty Quiz for Pastors by Will Mancini
You’ve heard of the naughty or nice quiz before. We put people on one side of the behavior equation this time of the year. And if that doesn’t cross your mind, then someone at North Pole Central is finalizing the tally before Santa’s globe-trotting, Christmas Eve sleigh ride. This year, however, I want to put these terms on the same side of the equation. I think pastors need to consider “niceness” from an entirely different point of view. Read More.

25 Last Minute Christmas Ideas (for your church) by Robert Carnes
We’re all familiar with last-minute Christmas shopping. I’m one of the worst when it comes to Yuletide procrastination. Some of us don’t even start buying gifts until Christmas Eve. However, last minute is not a good policy when it comes to Christmas planning at your church. Because it takes a good deal more time to successfully orchestrate church events than it does to pick up some tacky sweaters from the department store. Read More.

Watch “The Story of Christmas” Video Series by YouVersion
Brought to you by The Lumo Project, the Bible App is now featuring this very special video collection throughout this holiday season. Each clip shows part of the story of Jesus’ birth with voice-over narration directly from the Scriptures. Read More.

57 Christmas Videos by Kevin D. Hendricks
Leading up to Christmas, we’re highlighting several Christmas videos on Fridays because videos on Fridays are fun. Plus Christmas videos that don’t suck might be useful for your church. If you like Christmas videos, today is your lucky day. We’re not waiting until Friday, because we’ve got 57 Christmas videos your church can use. Read More.

4 Ways to Keep Your Marriage from being Injured During the Christmas Holiday by Ron Edmondson
The Christmas season can be hard on relationships. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve met with a couple after the holidays because of problems that developed — or were exaggerated — between Thanksgiving and New Years. How can you protect your marriage this Christmas? That’s a good goal, right? Read More.

Christmas Resources For Your Church (right here on!)
Christmas is coming! If you are in church leadership, hopefully you have already begun preparations for your Christmas weekend services.Whether you are hosting a Christmas Series, a Christmas Eve service or simply want to add some resources to your church website or blog – I suspect one or more of the below links and video’s may be just what you were looking for. Read More.

The Christmas Scale by Igniter Media
It’s hard to believe that the greatest message the world will ever hear is contained in one simple scale. Downloads are available at

Check out more great links & videos for Christmas right here!

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How To Maintain Unity in the Local Church

A while back I was asked to create a devotional video for christian leaders focusing on the topic of character. I decided to discuss character as it relates to unity in the local church. The passage I shared from is found in 1 Peter 3:8:

“Finally, all of you, have unity of mind, sympathy, brotherly love, a tender heart, and a humble mind.”

This may be a great video for your leadership team, eldership or board of directors to watch and discuss together, just to keep the conversation about unity in the church alive and in the open. Enjoy.


At the end of this teaching, I ask a few group questions. Here they are for your reference as well.

  • What relationship are you dealing with right now that’s causing strife, division, or discord?
  • What part, if any, are you playing, to fan the flames of that discord?
  • Which of the following words do you feel need to be applied, based on the passage I just read?
  • What is the Holy Spirit speaking to you right now?

Strategy for a Healthy Missions Program

Tom Brazell serves as the Director of International Ministries at Elim Fellowship. He has served for years as a missionary in Africa, and also as a pastor of churches in America. Therefore he has a keen perspective on both the challenges of being a missionary, and on the pastor’s challenge of balancing a missions vision with the needs of his flock. In these two teachings, Tom provides insights that will help your church better choose and serve the missionaries that you support.

Strategy for a Healthy Missions Program (54 min.)


Relating to Missionaries (19 min.)

Toby Cavanaugh on Persistent Prayer

My friend, Toby Cavanaugh, shared an outstanding message to our staff, pastors, and leaders at Elim Fellowship on Persistent Prayer a while back. I was so impressed I decided to share the wealth. I know this message will inspire and challenge you in the area of prayer. It might also be a great video to consider sharing with your leaders at some point! Enjoy.

If you can’t see this video, click here.

Excellence Inspires People

team-hoytPeople really inspire me. In particular, I’m inspired by people’s dedication, commitment, attention to detail, tenacity and passion to succeed. A quality that all of these people share is excellence. I believe excellence inspires people.

I’ve already shared several posts on the topic of excellence, you’re welcome to find them at the bottom of this post. In this post, I just want to make one final point. When we choose to give all we’ve got to accomplish our goals (that is, our own resources, efforts and energies) we will very likely be an inspiration to those around us, to excel, to live well, and to do more than they thought they could.

Let me share some examples of how I’ve been inspired by people:

  • I’m inspired when I see a great movie. 
    I’m not talking about movies with inspiring plots – don’t get me wrong, those are cool. What I’m inspired by is the dedication it takes for people to accomplish the making of those inspiring, funny or just plain fun movies. If you’ve ever watched how some of the scenes were made in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, you’ll be dumbfounded behind the effort, expense and attention to detail the team put in to create such realistic scenes. When you have a free hour to chill and be amazed, watch this documentary on how they designed ‘Middle Earth’ – one small part of the whole movie effort.

    Can’t see this video? Try clicking this link.
  • I’m inspired when I hear great music.
    My coworkers know about this. I tend to listen to a lot of movie & game theme music. If you want a totally different listening experience, try creating a Hans Zimmer radio station in Pandora. I’m also amazed when I see someone play an instrument like it’s part of their body. The thousands of hours of practice time these people put in to become ‘the best’ is truly incredible. Consider this video of Luka Sulic & Stejepan Hauser (2Cellos) playing ‘Welcome to the Jungle’.

    Can’t see this video? Try clicking this link.
  • I’m inspired when I see people rise above the status quo.
    I want to live my life with excellence. I suspect you do too. But sometimes we can get stuck in a mindset that says we can’t do it. We’ll blame our circumstances or our past or our lack of resources. But when we see people rise up, despite incredible odds, there’s something that wants to rise up inside us as well. Consider this inspiring story of a blind teenager who wouldn’t let his blindness dictate what he could or could not do.

    BRAVE from EYEFORCE on Vimeo.
  • I’m inspired when people care enough to sacrifice for others.
    It goes without saying that Jesus Christ was our example when it comes to loving others. He has set the tone for what it really means to be a Christ-follower. It’s about caring for others, even when it means giving up something for ourselves. Check out this inspiring story of a father who helped his handicapped son live a dream.

    Can’t see this video? Try clicking this link.

I could go on, but I think you get the point. Let’s be an inspiration to those God has placed around us. 

Look Up From Your Phone

My wife sent me the below video this past weekend. It was so powerful (and convicting) I thought I’d share it with my readers. Christian leaders are not immune to the pull of social media, tv, internet and more. ‘Screen time’ as we call it at home is slowly taking over. I’m getting sucked in as easily as many others. I fear what this habit might be doing to my family, my ministry and, most importantly, my walk with God. I so appreciate this reminder to look up and be with those I care about most.

How about you? 

(disclaimer: There is one word in the video some may find offensive. Although the video may not be filmed with the christian audience in mind, the message still stands for all who will hear it. Enjoy.)


Can’t see this video? Try clicking here.


Mark Batterson on Church Leadership

Last year we were privileged to have Mark Batterson speak at our Elim Fellowship Leadership Conference. He did a great job! So I thought I’d share this awesome message where Mark talks about the Power of Testimony, Leadership and a lot more. 

This would be a great clip to show to your team and hold some discussion over afterwards. Enjoy.



Free Ministry Video Resources

lift-increaseI’ve recently come across two websites that are successfully making a difference in the world through video. They each boast several great video interviews with both ‘regular’ and ‘famous’ people and they capture great stories of people who have faced difficulties and sinful pasts and have overcome through Jesus Christ.

What’s even better is the owners of these websites are providing them FREE OF CHARGE. You are welcome to access and utilize them as you see fit.

Let me say the obvious. Most of us couldn’t pull this off ourselves. But we CAN utilize them to strengthen our current ministry. I can easily envision these videos being used at:

church services.
school chapels.
small groups.
college ministries.
discipleship programs.
1 on 1 encouragement.

Check them out today and be sure you earmark them as a resource for your ministry!    

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