Leading Young People

I Love What I Get To Do . . .

This short video clip (3:30) by the people over at Youth Specialties does a fabulous job of telling a story that is engaging and moving. The story happens all the time in ministry (or it should). Little touch points here and there that eventually lead to a powerful and transforming God moment.

So often we don’t even realize how often we are touching another’s life. We reach out, speak kind words, say a prayer, and then move on. It can be easy to forget how much God uses each and every one of those moments. What a great privilege and responsibility we have!

The closing line in this video sums it up great – “I Love What I Get To Do!” I hope you do!

If you can’t see this video, try clicking this link.


Reaching College Students After Graduation

One of my favorite ministries is led by one of my favorite people. It’s called BASIC College Ministries and is led by Todd Cavanaugh. BASIC wants to partner with local churches to help reach the mission field of young adults in college. I would like to exhort you to check out this 4 minute video presentation by Todd and consider whether you might want to contact the BASIC offices to learn more.

If you can’t see this video, try clicking on this link.
To learn more about how you might get more involved in BASIC College Ministries, check out this page on their website today!

Elim Family: BASIC College Ministries

I have BASIC to thank for introducing me to Elim Gospel Church way back in 1990. B.A.S.I.C. stands for Brothers and Sisters in Christ and is a ministry dedicated to encouraging college students to connect with God through college events/activities, conferences, and the local church. I believe every college student should get involved in a BASIC group (find a campus near you here) or help to start one. Don’t know where to start? How about checking out their upcoming events and check out their website at www.thebasicsite.org! This amazing ministry is led by one of my favorite men of God, Todd Cavanaugh – who attends Elim Gospel Church and seems to be a magnet for local news channels!

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