Hi, I’m Wayne Hedlund. 

Welcome to my website! Thanks for giving me an opportunity to tell you about myself.

My name is Wayne Hedlund and, among other things, I am a speaker, coach, organizational strategist and website designer. That’s a pretty odd mix of skills, but that’s part of what makes me unique.

I have spent the last 20 years helping people and organizations become better at who they believe they are meant to become. I cut my leadership & management teeth in the context of a mid-sized (400-800 members) church in Lima, NY where I served for nearly 20 years.

My Mission: Make a Difference.

That’s my mission. It’s what drives and motivates me to meet with person after person after person. To facilitate change in people, churches and organizations. I want to make a difference. 

If you ask my friends and peers, they would tell you I’m a productivity nut that reads a lot of books and likes to solve problems. I’m passionate about improving. Improving both myself and those around me.

What I Do

I offer coaching to individuals who want to excel in areas like leadership, productivity, management, strategy, communication and more. I also coach organizational leaders (executives, directors and pastors) through strategic processes designed to strengthen or fix a weak area in the organization. 

I speak at churches and businesses on many of those same topics, with the goal of creating a new language or mindset for those teams to excel and grow together.

My Faith And Family

Local churches. I am proud to call myself a christian. As such, I offer a very unique perspective and skill-set to local churches who often struggle applying the more practical side of leadership to their respective organizations. I believe in the local church and have a deeply rooted passion to see it (the church universal) succeed in it’s mission to spread the love of God to their respective communities.

My Amazing Family. I get to share my days with five of my most favorite people in the whole world. I am blessed! My family includes my beautiful wife and best friend, Becky, and my precious four children. They are awesome!

Other Stuff I Do. My ministry to the body of Christ goes beyond coaching and speaking. In 2013 I founded TL Sites, which is a small business dedicated to helping churches, ministries and christian leaders build a practical and professional website. You can learn more about TL Sites at www.tlsites.com. I also serve as a professor and the Admissions Director at Elim Bible Institute and College; helping the school train Christ-centered, spirit-empowered leaders for global revival. You can learn more about Elim at www.elim.edu.