As a ministry coach I will help your team focus on the right things, accomplish your goals, and break through growth barriers. I also provide leadership & productivity coaching to individuals as needed.
I offer leadership & practical ministry workshops for ministries in a wide variety of topics. My communication style is both relaxed and practical. I’m also available to speak during weekend church services.
I specialize in asking questions which will stimulate strategic & creative thinking. This will almost always lead to new ideas and solutions to problems & bottlenecks. Check out my blog for more great content!

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  • bad-meeting

16 Ways To Lead A Bad Meeting

Many years ago I attended what I would call a bad meeting. It was the traditional setting: Long table with 6 people on each side, a meeting facilitator at the head and someone (me as it turns out) at the opposite end. It was, by far, the most boring meeting of my life. […]

  • amazing-ministry

How To Offer Amazing Ministry With Not So Amazing People

I recently visited a local gym who was offering a week membership for free. I was truly impressed. They had a wide range of workout rooms and exercise equipment and a beautiful facility. When I arrived for the first time, they gave me a tour of the facility and made themselves available to help […]

  • young-people-not-attending-church

Why Young Adults Don’t Attend Your Church

I used to visit a restaurant that had two separate dining areas, one slightly larger than the other. The larger dining area was always where I sat to eat, even though I had to walk right by the smaller dining area to get there. To be honest, it never occurred to me that I could sit […]

  • what-to-read

What to Read

There’s so much great content available on the internet and through both books and ebooks. Sometimes it can be hard to sift through it all for the good stuff. So I thought I’d share some of the ‘good stuff’ with you, at least by my reckoning. Enjoy.

Book: The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg
I […]

  • church2

Five Questions Every Church Must Answer

The answer to these five questions will drive what you do as a local church. They will impact the activities and programs you host. Ultimately, they will determine your effectiveness in reaching both your community and your congregation for Jesus Christ. 
1. How do we attract people to our church?
Sadly, many church leaders fail to seriously address this […]

  • earth-satellite

Strategy for a Healthy Missions Program

Tom Brazell serves as the Director of International Ministries at Elim Fellowship. He has served for years as a missionary in Africa, and also as a pastor of churches in America. Therefore he has a keen perspective on both the challenges of being a missionary, and on the pastor’s challenge of balancing a […]

What People Are Saying:

Wayne doesn’t just talk about the theory of how to raise a church to the next level he is someone who has actually done it. His input at the church I pastored had a major impact on the success of the church. His work with students at Elim Bible Institute… Read More.

President Michael Cavanaugh, Elim Bible Institute

Wayne Hedlund knows how to get things done. He served as our executive pastor and really helped us move forward with healthy systems and effective strategies. One of the best things he brings to the table is an ability to scale his leadership coaching to… Read More.

Pastor Joshua Finley, Elim Gospel Church

Wayne helped us to examine and analyze everything from the signs out front of our church to how we take an offering. Planning sermons and utilizing better graphics. He helped us address how sensitive we are to guests and how to plan staffing moves. He was thorough and… Read More.

Pastor Bill King, Elim Grace Christian Church

During coaching sessions with Pastor Wayne I learned a lot about leadership and ministry in a short time. He helped me to step back and notice some things about myself that I wouldn’t have seen before. For example, one of the things we talked about was stage presence, which… Read More.

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