As a ministry coach I will help your team focus on the right things, accomplish your goals, and break through growth barriers. I also provide leadership & productivity coaching to individuals as needed.
I offer leadership & practical ministry workshops for ministries in a wide variety of topics. My communication style is both relaxed and practical. I’m also available to speak during weekend church services.
I specialize in asking questions which will stimulate strategic & creative thinking. This will almost always lead to new ideas and solutions to problems & bottlenecks. Check out my blog for more great content!

Recent Posts:

Strategy for a Healthy Missions Program

Tom Brazell serves as the Director of International Ministries at Elim Fellowship. He has served for years as a missionary in Africa, and also as a pastor of churches in America. Therefore he has a keen perspective on both the challenges of being a missionary, and on the pastor’s challenge of balancing a […]

  • seats-of-the-bus

Seats on the Bus

In his book, Good to Great, Jim Collins says, “We expected that good-to-great leaders would begin by setting a new vision and strategy. We found instead that they first got the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats – and then they […]

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Watch Practical Productivity Today!

Have you ever noticed how efficient some grocery store clerks can be when bagging your food? Sometimes, I’m amazed at their proficiency, confidence and sense of organization. A good checkout clerk seems to know exactly what is supposed to go in which bag. They don’t rip or tear, everything fits well, and perhaps […]

  • assumptions

Four Terrible Assumptions Church Leaders Make

I was standing in the lobby of a local church talking to an unchurched first time guest. It was one of the first times he had ever visited a church and he knew nothing about God or christianity. The service had just completed and people were filtering out of the sanctuary and collecting in small groups, […]

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Behind the Mixer

I hear a lot of pastors express frustration about the people behind the mixer. Evidently, getting the right mix, sound, volume, etc. is nearly impossible. I know. I was in that place for many, many years. In fact it’s what prompted me to write the following posts:

Love Your Sound Tech as Yourself

Turn the Volume DOWN!

Turn the […]

  • prayer

Toby Cavanaugh on Persistent Prayer

My friend, Toby Cavanaugh, shared an outstanding message to our staff, pastors, and leaders at Elim Fellowship on Persistent Prayer a while back. I was so impressed I decided to share the wealth. I know this message will inspire and challenge you in the area of prayer. It might also be a great […]

What People Are Saying:

Wayne doesn’t just talk about the theory of how to raise a church to the next level he is someone who has actually done it. His input at the church I pastored had a major impact on the success of the church. His work with students at Elim Bible Institute… Read More.

President Michael Cavanaugh, Elim Bible Institute

Wayne Hedlund knows how to get things done. He served as our executive pastor and really helped us move forward with healthy systems and effective strategies. One of the best things he brings to the table is an ability to scale his leadership coaching to… Read More.

Pastor Joshua Finley, Elim Gospel Church

Wayne helped us to examine and analyze everything from the signs out front of our church to how we take an offering. Planning sermons and utilizing better graphics. He helped us address how sensitive we are to guests and how to plan staffing moves. He was thorough and… Read More.

Pastor Bill King, Elim Grace Christian Church

During coaching sessions with Pastor Wayne I learned a lot about leadership and ministry in a short time. He helped me to step back and notice some things about myself that I wouldn’t have seen before. For example, one of the things we talked about was stage presence, which… Read More.

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