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I offer professional coaching services to individuals and leadership teams. My areas of expertise include strategic planning, church growth, customer service, leadership, organizational management and productivity.




I offer Mystery Guest Services to local churches. I show up at church, unannounced and incognito, evaluating the experience. I will also submit a detailed written assessment and one 90 minute coaching session.




I build professional websites for churches, ministries and small businesses. Each website is custom built to meet client’s unique needs. Once complete, clients have full control of the website and have access to me for ongoing support.


Articles For Ministry Leaders

Christmas Music Video's

Following are some of my favorite Christmas Music Video’s. These videos would be great to show PRESERVICE or POSTSERVICE sometime […]

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Christmas Resources for Your Church

Christmas is coming! If you are in church leadership, hopefully you have already begun preparations for your Christmas weekend services.Whether you […]

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Last Minute Christmas Links

I came across some more great links, resources and articles for churches & pastors I’d like to share with you. […]

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Are you a Boss or a Leader?

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” John […]

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When Email Makes More Enemies Than Friends

Recently, I received an email from a colleague who had not taken the time to write the email properly. I […]

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Teach Yourself to Smile

[This post is also available at www.guestfriendly.org.] That’s right. I said, ‘Teach Yourself’. Just because you have a face and […]

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The Problem With Your Face

[This post is also available at www.guestfriendly.org.] Your face probably lies . . . a lot! You think you know what […]

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Tips for Getting More Done Every Day

I ran across this infographic not too long ago and thought it did a great job of summarizing some keys […]

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What Do Your Guests Really Experience At Church?

Back in the 90’s I was hired by a company to be a mystery shopper. The idea was that I would […]

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How much time do you spend on your yard?

It is absolutely dumbfounding to me how much time and money American’s spend taking care of their lawn. According to […]

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The Secret Ingredient Behind Critical Thinking

The first time I read 1 Kings 3 I was both awed and inspired. It’s the conversation between Solomon and God […]

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Looking For An Exceptional Greeter?

I love to tell the story about a large church in New York City that invites anyone who wants to […]

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